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Air Purification with Style and Health Benefits – AUZIERE NOMAD AIR PURIFIER

Frenetic life pace in modern busy cities can trigger various urban problems such as stress and air pollution. We look for something that can shield ourselves from these issues and keep our well-being intact all day long.

The Auziere Nomad Air Purifier diffuses negative ions (Purification Performance: 10 millions/cm³) along with Auziere essential oils into the air, making the air around you aromatic and healthy. Highly portable, it can be worn as a necklace or clipped on clothes, allowing you to fully enjoy both a clean fresh air and the benefits of Auziere essential oils.

Depending on your mood, there are different choices of Auziere essential oils to suit your personal preference. All Auziere essentials oils are organic which means that they are distilled from plants that are grown without pesticides and have the organic farming certification. These plants have been sourced all around the world to find the best varieties.

Auziere is a historic brand founded in Marseille, France in 1856. Its blends of organic essential oils distilled locally from natural ingredients are renowned for its high quality and benefits in the enhancement of a person’s well-being.

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Influenza Pandemic – Precautionary Measures

news combinedThe recent influenza Pandemic threat continues to be the major concern in all the families, schools and work places in Hong Kong this winter. The death toll continues to rise, totaling more than 100 in less than a month. Experts forcast that the death toll may be as high as 400 when the peak is over, a even higher figure than that of SARS back in 2003. Even though the experts commented that the peak should be over in 4- 6 weeks time, it will definitely make a come back in August!!

Mouth masks may be a precautionary measure that immediately comes to mind. However, a product than can eliminate air-borne bacteria, bringing on clean indoor environment and reducing the risks of cross-infection certainly offers a much better protection than a mere piece of paper cloth.

The French brands and made ESTEBEL 5eme Essence (for Hong Kong region) and ED. PINAUD 5th Element (for North America, Australia and China regions) products were designed to provide a clean, healthy and pleasant environment for all indoor premises. With a long standing history in indoor air management experience, an environmental friendly, high-tech and energy-efficient architecture, a beautiful compact design, and many flavours to suit your personal preference, Estebel 5eme Essence and Ed. Pinaud 5th Element is the modern efficient air management system that you can take with you and protect you wherever you go.


Regardless of the aroma, all formulas can perform the following functions:

  • Air Purification and Bacteria Elimination
  • 2nd hand smoke decomposition
  • Odour elimination

At the same time, the different formulas and aromas deriving from different natural plant extracts also enhance bodily functions and provide health benefits through aromatherapy.

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For your special loved one on Valentine’s Day

EP vaporateurs

What can be a better Valentine Day’s present than a bottle of your favourite scent to give to your loved one?

Perfume evokes memories, induce emotions and influence moods. Savour those precious moments with Ed. Pinaud’s latest perfumes and beautiful vaporisateurs!! A long standing crowned jewel in the parfum world, Ed. Pinaud had been a favourite among royalties and nobles since 1830, using the purist of natural ingredients and producing the most captivating aromas.

Now these classic elegant aromas are wrapped in luxurious leather rechargeable vaporisateurs which can fit easily in any bag and can be taken anywhere. There are many colours and patterns available to match his or her mood and attire. Refills are also available. Order one now for your loved one and make this Valentine Day extra memorable!!