INOVITALFrench Micro Nutrients

Symbolizing “innovation” and “vitality”, Inovital offers a complete range of healthcare products. Inovital supplements are scientifically approved products and manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards. The formula and production method are completely devised by French scientists, based on international scientific research.

Inovital adopts 100% natural sources derived from plant life: herbs, plants, flowers essentially from France to give the best blends of powerful nutritional agents that assist the body naturally. As medicine, herbs are essentially body balancers that work with the body functions, so that it can heal and regulate itself. Our botanists and herbalists with specific competence are conceiving combinations of plants that increase the magnitude of your efficiency and potency. As the products are completely natural, they are not addictive and habit-forming, which allow the supplements to be used safely and effectively.

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