Influenza Pandemic – Precautionary Measures

news combinedThe recent influenza Pandemic threat continues to be the major concern in all the families, schools and work places in Hong Kong this winter. The death toll continues to rise, totaling more than 100 in less than a month. Experts forcast that the death toll may be as high as 400 when the peak is over, a even higher figure than that of SARS back in 2003. Even though the experts commented that the peak should be over in 4- 6 weeks time, it will definitely make a come back in August!!

Mouth masks may be a precautionary measure that immediately comes to mind. However, a product than can eliminate air-borne bacteria, bringing on clean indoor environment and reducing the risks of cross-infection certainly offers a much better protection than a mere piece of paper cloth.

The French brands and made ESTEBEL 5eme Essence (for Hong Kong region) and ED. PINAUD 5th Element (for North America, Australia and China regions) products were designed to provide a clean, healthy and pleasant environment for all indoor premises. With a long standing history in indoor air management experience, an environmental friendly, high-tech and energy-efficient architecture, a beautiful compact design, and many flavours to suit your personal preference, Estebel 5eme Essence and Ed. Pinaud 5th Element is the modern efficient air management system that you can take with you and protect you wherever you go.



Regardless of the aroma, all formulas can perform the following functions:

  • Air Purification and Bacteria Elimination
  • 2nd hand smoke decomposition
  • Odour elimination

At the same time, the different formulas and aromas deriving from different natural plant extracts also enhance bodily functions and provide health benefits through aromatherapy.



The effectiveness of bacteria elimination is supported by laboratory tests performed by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification Company.

SGS repor2t


SGS Report shows that in a control room of 70cmx70cmx70cm,

the bacteria count decreased from over 4,400 to 110 after using the product for 2 hours.


EP lab report


SGS Report shows that in a control room of 70cmx70cmx70cm,

the bacteria count decreased from over 620 to 80 after using the product for 2 hours.



CItibank N.A., San Francisco branch commented that after using the products at the bank, no teller has called in sick in 3 months. Each one of the bank staff has personally commented how much better they feel during the day and how much more energy they seem to have at the end of the day. Both the bank staff and customers also commented that they noticed a remarkable improvement in the air quality at the branch.

Citi letter combined


The quality of ESTEBEL 5eme Essence and ED. PINAUD 5th ELEMENT products is assured by the renowned insurance company, AXA.

AXA Insurance




The aroma oil is made from “Ethanol”, which is extracted from fast growing natural plants, like maze, sugarcane, sorghum, willow, oil palm and populous etc. Therefore, 100% renewable energy.




There is no need for plugs, sockets or electricity. In addition, the compact design allows you bring your protector wherever you go. Each 500ml bottle of aroma oil will give you 100 hours of clean, purified air for the enjoyment of your entire family.



ESTEBEL 5eme Essence has 21 different aromas, and ED. PINAUD 5th Element has 31 different aromas to choose from.  Each of these formulas together with the diffuser will bring you clean, purified air. In addition, the different aromas will also help your body to relax, stimulate and heal.

list of oils (with list)

Ep oils list



In this high peak season of Influenza, air purifier function combined with aromatherapy in a compact beautiful mobile bottle, ESTEBEL 5eme Essence and ED. PINAUD 5th Element is a necessity in your home and office. To obtain the maximum benefit, certain formulas are especially selected by our experts to protect you and your family during this season.

Precautionary MeasuresFlu symptoms just appearingFever, Cough (with flam)Recovering
DAYTIMEGrapefruitEucalyptus / Min-LemonHoneysuckleLotus Flowers / Grapefruit
NIGHT TIMEVerbena / Cedar WoodCedar WoodVerbenaVerbena / Lavender