Good Luck Tips for 2014

year of horse

The Year of the Wood Horse is here! In the Chinese culture, some people believe that wearing jewelry bearing the shapes of animals represented by certain selected Chinese zodiacs symbols which are “friendly” to the zodiac symbol represented¬†by your own birth year in that particular year will help you to attract good luck!

The Ed. Pinaud “Les Anigamis” is a beautiful jewelry collection, designed and made in Paris, deriving from the interpretation of the origami (or “zhezhi”, the art of folding) of the 12 Chinese zodiac symbols. Dressed up in a miriad of colors from diamonds and precious stones, the Les Anigamis collection will definitely add grandeur and style to your good fortune!


The Year of the Horse is here!


Fung Shui - Ox

Fung Shui - Tiger


Fung Shui - Rabbit


Fung Shui - Dragon


Fung Shui - Serpent


Fung Shui - horse


Fung Shui - Sheep
Fung Shui - Monkey
Fung Shui - Rosster
Fung Shui - Dog
Fung Shui - pig


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