Frenetic life pace in modern busy cities can trigger various urban problems such as stress and air pollution. We look for something that can shield ourselves from these issues and keep our well-being intact all day long.

The Auziere Nomad Air Purifier diffuses negative ions along with Auziere essential oils into the air, making the air around you aromatic and healthy. Highly portable, it can be worn as a necklace or clipped on clothes, allowing you to fully enjoy both a clean fresh air and the benefits of Auziere essential oils.

Depending on your mood, there are different choices of Auziere essential oils to suit your personal preference. All Auziere essentials oils are organic which means that they are distilled from plants that are grown without pesticides and have the organic farming certification. These plants have been sourced all around the world to find the best varieties.


• 1 purifier
• 1 wick
• 1 adjustable lanyard
• 1 usb charging cable


Dimensions/ Measurements: 72mm x 38mm x 16mm
Purification Performance: 10 millions/cm³


Air Purifier
• Press the button to turn on/off the air purifier function. The negative ions generated will purify the air.
• A continuous green light indicates that the ionization is in progress.
• A blinking green light indicates low power and that it is time to recharge the Air Purifier.
• No light response when pressing the button indicates that the battery is fully drained. It has to be recharged.
• With a fully charged battery, the Air Purifier can run continuously for 20 hours. It allows you to take it everywhere with you.

Essential oil diffusion
• Unscrew the cap of one 10ml Auziere essential oil bottle of your choice
• Take out the wick holder from the Air Purifier bottom right hand corner.
• Pour 1 to 2 drops of essential oil on the top of the wick.
• Then, insert the wick back in the Air Purifier.
The Air Purifier does not have to be charged in order to diffuse essential oil.

How to wear the Air Purifier?
• Hang around the neck using the provided lanyard or clip the device on a pocket.
• The Air Purifier can be quickly detached without removing the lanyard from neck. Simply unscrew the metal connector on lanyard.